Waaaaay back when I had just started playing music we had to pile on the bus with our guitars, amps and other music gizmos to get to the jam space in the Gatineaus. When we'd pass the Radapaw Ridge sign on STO route 1, I'd know it was time to bookmark pages, wrap up headphones, and put away the guitars from unplugged electric guitar jams in the back seats... Good times were just ahead. I've used Radapaw as my alias ever since, as a nod to that magical sign. You can find out more about some things I do at the links below.


Luthier work
I build, repair, and customize musical instruments

Spaceman Music
The used guitar shop I work at
(external link)

My Wolverine figure collection
Dolly collecting bub!



Drew Allgoewer • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • radapaw@gmail.com